Workshop India

A workshop was held on the 16-17.09.2010 in Phaltan, India.


The conference output document is now available.

Biochar workshop, India. Photo by ARTI.


Introduction to biochar & A global perspective of cook stoves & biochar – Sarah Carter

A micro study with Bio char in C3 and C4 plants in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu – Dr Sabu Simon & M Diravia Raj

Results from two experiments of biochar addition to differing soils – Dr. V M Karunagaran & J Elango

Results from experiments in India for Biocharm project – Ramakant Prabhune

ARTI’s development of appropriate biochar technologies charing kiln and briquetteing machine – Narendra Zende

Applications of thermal pyrolytic gasification for destruction of urban municipal waste and industrial solid waste – Dr Harsh Modak (video presentation)

Biochar production as a by product of bio-oil production through pyrolysis of bio-wastes – Raul Singh Chutia

Good stoves and biochar field trials and the beehive briquette – Dr Sai Bhaskar Reddy


Gasification stoves:

Sampanda stove by ARTI

Image to follow

Paul Anderson’s Champion TLUD
EverythingNice by WorldStoves

Anila Stove by Dr Ravikumar

Image to follow

Magh CM woodgas stove by Dr Reddy

Image to follow

Biochar kiln:

ARTI's Biochar making kiln. Photo by ARTI.

Biochar briquette machine:

Image to follow

Gasolysis machine:

Gasolysis demonstration, 17.09.2010. Photo by Samuchit


Feedstock availability in India:

Workshop plenary session - feedstock availability in India. 17.09.2010. Picture from Samuchit

4 Responses to “Workshop India”

  1. Dr Harsh Modak Says:

    Rochem, Mumbai (INDIA) group of companies in India & abroad, is engaged in waste to energy solutions on industrial scale using its own technology of thermal pyrolytic gasification. A video presentation was given to Mme. Sarah Carter in this very workshop at ARTI illustrating pilot plant set up at Vasai (near Mumbai, India) which demonstrates Biochar production from industrial & municipal solid waste (MSW). Apart from Biochar the unit also produces SYNGAS (mixture of CO & H2) which is used as fuel to produce electricity. A unit at Pune to dispose 700MT/day of MSW is being set up to produce 10MW power & 10MT/day Biochar. This will be operational in March 2011. Many such units will be set up in future. Dr. Modak

  2. Liz Marlia-Stein Says:

    Please send me more information about biochar and utilizing municiple waste.

    Thank you so much!


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