01. Introduction

Participative Distributed Innovation Processes and Biochar: Smoke reduction, sustainable agriculture and soil management

This project is led by the University of Edinburgh’s UK Biochar Research Centre who are collaborating with Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI), India. It is funded through the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand’s ‘Enabling Bio-Innovations for Poverty Alleviation in Asia‘, by the IDRC (International Development Research Centre).

This blog is managed by Sarah Carter, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh’s UK Biochar Research Centre. At the moment this blog is focussed on stove development in Cambodia but also covers other aspects of the project (the use of biochar, and stove development in other areas of Asia). Please get in touch for further information or comments.

Project summary:

Biomass gasification stoves are a potential solution to some of the difficulties faced by the rural poor, including smoke inhalation from indoor air pollution (IAP), ill-health, gender inequalities and hunger (from poor agricultural productivity – where biochar is used as a soil amendment). Improved cook stoves can provide part of the solution for 7 of the 8 Millennium Development Goals which aim to reduce global poverty (Warwick & Doig 2004).

This project will investigate the extent to which the above is true, and will also analyse the process of development and distribution of this particular bio-innovation (the gasification cook stove, or pyrolysis stoves). Some other stove types and methods of biochar production are also mentioned in this blog, just out of interest or for comparison purposes but the project is really limited to stoves which have the ability to produce biochar.

One Response to “01. Introduction”

  1. Biochar Industries Says:

    Hello Sarah Carter, I am an Australian biochar enthusiast and I sell Tlud Gassifier stoves because I see more potential than just the third world. To survive on our earth we all have to do our bit to help and these types of stoves are not only helping the planet with biochar and helping mankind by being kind to thier lungs But slowly awakening humanity to the idea that nature (Biomass) is a better source of fuel than oil coal or gas. This is where the real potential lies. Weather you try one for fun or get really hooked on creating your own design this is something everyone must try.

    Great article and I would be interested to here the results in a future post.

    Thank you

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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