Meeting programme announced 22-23 Nov 2010

Monday 22nd November
08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome and introductions
09:30 Biochar for poverty alleviation – global perspective (S.Carter, UKBRC)
10:30 Tea break
11:00 Guest presentation (Biochar in an integrated farming system producing food and fuel with a negative carbon footprint – Prof Duong Nguyen Khang)
11:45 Guest presentation (Advantages of the Belonio Top-lit, Updraft, Forced-air Gasifier in Processing Undensified Biomass – P.Olivier)
12:30 Lunch and stove demonstration
13:30 Guest presentation (Experiences from GERES working on biochar, briquetting and improved charcoal stoves – D. Beritault)
14:15 Guest presentation (Apsara authority – preliminary results from biochar rice trials – Dr Tan Boun Suy)
15:00 Discussion session (biochar potential in Cambodia – feedstocks and production)
15:30 Tea break
16:00 Discussion session (biochar – barriers and policy implications in Cambodia)
17:00 Closing ceremony

Tuesday 23rd November
08:30 Field trip to gasification unit, field trials and stove lab
12:00 End field trip

More information about the meeting can be found:

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  1. World Spinner Says:

    Meeting programme announced 22-23 Nov 2010 « Biochar Innovation…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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