Champion TLUD and EverythingNice in India

The stoves were taken to the testing Lab at ARTI’s Rural Development centre, and the initial testing, post construction was undertaken.

The stoves were experimented with, in the case of the EN, more of the holes in the outer chamber were blocked to see if it was possible to reduce the flame. Two out of every three holes were blocked (using mud), however this made the stove more smoky.

Overall the stoves performed well, and charcoal was produced in both stoves.

The picture below shows the flame from the EverythingNice, it is possible to identify individual flames which are emerging as a result of the air stream from the outer holes

The EverythingNice stove, India, August 2010

Champion TLUD stove, India, August 2010

2 Responses to “Champion TLUD and EverythingNice in India”

  1. Biochar Industries Says:

    Fabulous stuff I work in the biochar industry in Australia and I love the way this stove is made so simple anyone could make it. Are they commercially available or is it a stove to help people in the third world with?

    I have a project page and I would like to put you on it as it falls into the genre of my sight which is how to make biochar from anything.

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke

    • Sarah Carter Says:

      Dear Dolph, thanks for the comment, in our project location they were not commercially available. However, things change quickly, you can check out the designer’s information to see current availablity in your area. Best regards, Sarah

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