Anila stove fabrication commissioned…

Since a supplier of the Anila stove could not be found in India, production has been commissioned in Phaltan, Maharashtra ready for trials.

The Anila stove, since it is the only stove which I know of which produces biochar in a secondary chamber (i.e. not as part of the energy production, and not a gasification stove) is the most useful to test in the biochar context.

If anyone knows of a stove which also produces biochar as a ‘secondary’ product, please get in touch!

4 Responses to “Anila stove fabrication commissioned…”

  1. Adam OToole Says:

    What about WorldStove’s Lucia Stove. I am pretty sure that produces biochar as a secondary product.

    • Sarah Carter Says:

      Hi Adam, I think it if is like the EverythingNice stove, it is a single chamber stove, so the biomass which is converted into biochar is also the biomass which produces the gas used for cooking (I think this is correct?).
      The Anila is different in that the biomass which is converted into char is in a separate chamber and it does not influence combustion going on in the main chamber – which is a different batch of biomass.
      Perhaps the term ‘secondary product’ was confusing…

  2. Julee Says:


    There is a man out of Canada or up north somewhere who uses a stove that does the first gasification in a container outside, the gas then passes through a vessel of water to clean it, then the gas is burned separately inside the house. I’d have to dig through my notes to find his name, it’s been a year or two since I called and talked to him. If you’re interested, feel free to email me, and I’ll look for the info.

    • Sarah Carter Says:

      Hi Julian, thanks for the info. Yes I think you are talking about a ‘true-gasifier’ rather than a ‘semi-gasifier’ where all the combustion happens in one chamber. I would be interested in hearing more about this.

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