Initial feedback from stove HH test

After the household (HH) had tested the stove for one week, they were visited, and the main user was given further advice about the use of the stove. In some cases an individual demonstration was given, with the assistance of the cook as an opportunity to see and find solutions to any problems. Initial opinions of the stoves varied, with some families managing to use the stove well, cook and produce biochar, and others finding it a little more difficult

Feedback (16-17.07.2010):
– Some volunteers using stove had damp wood, and this proved difficult to light and stay lit.
– Generally there has been a variety of wood types used, from foraged wood to processed woods – including old furniture, and some work better than others in the stove
– The stove was not big enough for a cooking pot suitable for very large families. These stoves were not designed for such large tasks, and either a different model selected, or several stoves put under one pot
– Some families were not very interested in putting anything in the outside of the Anila stove, since it worked without, and even produced less smoke without
– In some cases where charcoal was produced, families preferred to let it burn in the stove its self, others put it into a charcoal stove
– Lighting methods vary, including resin, coconut fibre, part of a rubber tyre and dried furniture varnish.
– Differences in the location of the kitchen (in a kitchen shelter, inside a building, in a courtyard, open garden area or raised up on a shelf) all lead to different wind levels, so this varied how well the stove performed. (note: all participants are requested to use the stove in well ventilated areas)
– Improvements to the design were suggested, which will be compiled in the final report

A family testing the TLUD stove

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