Stove designs finalised before distribution

Stove design finalised for testing, the following changes were made to the initial prototypes:

– This design has already been adapted by the Iron Workshop so no amendments were deemed necessary

– Lid was fixed onto the outer sides, so the only way to open is from the bottom
– Legs were lengthened
– Handles added

– handles added
– Stove stand heightened
– handle added on lid

08.07.2010 Final stove designs being demonstrated in Krable Riel

2 Responses to “Stove designs finalised before distribution”

  1. adrian mark trania Says:

    its nice to know that you have a good design of the stove.. but may i know if how you do the technical design of that stove? i just want to know cause i have a project study on how to make a stove.. i am a graduating student as of now.. god bless

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