Other versions of the Anila stove…

I’ve recently had some communication with the Anila Kenya online group.

One project in Kenya ‘Household lead Research and Development of biomass based pyrolysis stove and testing of the efficacy of char in different ecological zones in Kenya‘ has similar aims to this biochar Innovation project, and part of it has involved the production of an improved design of the Anila stove.

This stove is called the FFUD Upepo, and one of the major differences is the addition of a chimney, and it also has air outlets at the top (as opposed to them being at the bottom).

For more information see:

If anyone knows of a source of the Anila stove in India, please get in touch with http://biocharinnovation.wordpress.com.

One Response to “Other versions of the Anila stove…”

  1. Peter Says:

    The project has been for a while now and you can see one of the farmer groups test the stove from here… http://www.facebook.com/pages/SHALIN-Finland/102193099816244?v=photos#!/photo.php?pid=130140&id=102193099816244

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