Selection of volunteers for stove testing in Cambodia 02.07.2010

An adaptation of the Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) will be used. It has been modified to account for the fact that this is not an assessment of a stove implementation project but is a feasibility study for deployment, and assumes the user is not familiar with the stove operation – since it is significantly different to operating a three stone fire for example.

The families will be lent a stove for 3 weeks, and asked to use it at least once every day. This should provide valuable information on the suitability of the stove to this area.

The School at Som Dach Euov, Pouk District was used to select those young people who were interested in their families testing the stove, and the project will then be explained to the main cook in the family who must agree. Criteria for selection were:
– current use of wood for fuel
– have garden / land which could be used for biochar deployment
– reside within Pouk or Siem Reap District
– interest in the project

Students who will be testing the new stove designs 16.07.2010

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