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Monitoring fuel use using the KPT

June 10, 2010

Webinar: Monitoring fuel use using the kitchen performance test. 08.06.2010. The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (

This was an interesting discussion attended by Sarah. Two case studies in China and Ghana were presented, where the KPT was used as part of an improved stove project monitoring protocol.

In particular the following points were noted:
– In the China case study participants underestimated the amount of fuel they use.
– The KPT is an expensive and human resource expensive method (compared with WBT and CCT) – the sample selection process and data analysis is more involved than the other tests.
– For feasibility studies the participant is most likely not familiar with the stove, so this has to be taken into account when choosing tests to use.
– All the methods (WBT, CCT, KPT) can be used for multiple fuels / stove types and can include a traditional (baseline) stove in addition to the improved stoves.
– The Voluntary Gold Standard (for Carbon finance) requires that the KPT be used for monitoring and verification purposes. Some projects hire the Berkeley Air Monitoring Group to undertake this as an independent body.