ARTI field station in Phaltan, Maharastra, India. 25.05.2010.

Several stoves are produced by ARTI, a selection of clay types, a sawdust stove, and two gasification design amongst others. One of the gasification stoves includes the Sampanda which will be a focus of this project.

In addition Dr. Paul Anderson spend a bit of time at their field station and designed the Agni stove while there.

Paul Andedrson's design

Agni demonstration, August 2010

Several larger scale biochar making units have also been developed by ARTI, including a charring kiln which is used to produce biochar for field trials in Phaltan in the biocharm project.

3 Responses to “ARTI field station in Phaltan, Maharastra, India. 25.05.2010.”

  1. Bryan Hugill Says:

    Hi Sarah – Do you perhaps know if Dr. Anderson’s Ageni stove’s plans are available (i.e., open source) so that we could try build some units here? Thanks! Bryan

  2. Sarah Carter Says:

    Hi Bryan, firstly my mistake, it is apparently called the Agni stove. This is part of the TLUD range, although I can’t see the exact designs for this version you can see the construction plans here:
    Hope this helps!

  3. Sarah Carter Says:

    The Agni stove was demonstrated in the ARTI stove labs, Phaltan in August 2010. The design was discussed, and was found to be good, although the major comment by potential users was the height. The importance of this will be explored in a women’s discussion group which will be undertaken in the next couple of weeks in India. More on this later….

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