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ARTI field station in Phaltan, Maharastra, India. 25.05.2010.

May 29, 2010

Several stoves are produced by ARTI, a selection of clay types, a sawdust stove, and two gasification design amongst others. One of the gasification stoves includes the Sampanda which will be a focus of this project.

In addition Dr. Paul Anderson spend a bit of time at their field station and designed the Agni stove while there.

Paul Andedrson's design

Agni demonstration, August 2010

Several larger scale biochar making units have also been developed by ARTI, including a charring kiln which is used to produce biochar for field trials in Phaltan in the biocharm project.

Sampanda stove demonstration 22.05.10

May 29, 2010

The Sampanda stove was demonstrated by it’s developers in India; Samuchit Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd (distributers, designers and promotors of stove technologies including the Sampanda).

Sampanda demonstration, 22.05.2010, India

The Society of Biochar Initiatives – India

May 29, 2010

I met with Perses Bilamore who founded the Society of Biochar Initiatives in India (NGO) ( and One of the initiatives within the society was the production of some pyrolysis systems by PATPERT TEKNOW SYSTEMS (, and this unit was also visited at the ARTI field station in Phaltan.

Controlled testing of the Anila stove

May 3, 2010

Testing began on the Anila stove, more details can be found on bioenergylists:

TLUD distribution 28.04.2010

May 1, 2010

Four of the TLUD were distributed to the cooks at the Pepyride School near Kralahn. Teachers from the school and some staff from Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) were also there to observe. Mong from the Iron Workshop demonstrated their use and explained some of the benefits including fuel efficiency, smoke reduction and charcoal production. Useful feedback on first impressions was collected on the stove, and a discussion will be arranged to gather more information after they have tried out the stoves for 2-3 weeks. This information will help to shape the data collection methods which will be used on all the stoves for the project, and also for general information collection on preferences for technologies, feedstock availability and cooking cultures etc.

28.04.2010 Stove demonstration for Pepyride cooks

Controlled testing of EverythingNice

May 1, 2010

30.04.2010 EverythingNice stove testing

Tests were carried out on the EverythingNice stove. Notes are available at: