Stove testing begins…

Today (09/04/2010) we practised using the Anila and the Everything Nice stove, before the controlled testing is carried out.

Small pieces of wood (around 5cm x 2cm) were used, as well as rice straw and cow dung in different amounts. Water was boiled and different lighting methods experimented with – some worked better than others!

Information from today will be used to slightly modify the stove design where required to increase usability / efficiency.

The Anila stove 09/04/2010

The Everything Nice stove 09/04/2010

2 Responses to “Stove testing begins…”

  1. Peter Says:

    Looks good

    Did you consider changing the gas emission nozzles from bottom to top level?

    This brings the flame closer to the “cooking” level and comes closer to the WorldStove design of Lucia.

    In Kenya we are considering remodelling the Anila to combine the simple TLUD, Anila and Lucia stoves!



    • Sarah Carter Says:

      Thanks for the hint, have not tried that, I’ll give it a go.

      Sounds like an interesting new stove, I’ll be following your progress with that project.


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