Stove construction: 06/04/2010

Stoves are being made at the Iron Workshop, which is about 15km from Siem Reap town centre.

The Anila stove, and the Everything stove were selected for the project, in addition to the Anderson TLUD, which is already being made at the workshop. More information to follow about the stoves!

Testing will begin on the stoves this week, then they will be deployed into the community for further trials.

One Response to “Stove construction: 06/04/2010”

  1. Ramaswamy Says:

    Worked for almost two years to get the anila stove design right. I have a workshop and am a design and development engineer. My friend and professor Mr.U.N.Ravikumar of Mysore university, got this stove done through me. We have put in a lot of hard work to bring out this product. We have aslo supplied this stoves to various organizations in India as well as abroad.

    Please contact me or Mr.U,N.Ravikumar for more information and production details.

    Ramaswamy B.E.(Mech)

    Sumuki Associates,
    No.965/2 J.L.B.Road,
    Mysore-570 004

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