07d. The EverythingNice stove

This stove is part of the World Stove selection of stoves.
This is a design is intended to use tins for the chambers, but can be made entirely from metal if tins are not easily available. This will also potentially increase the lifespan of the stove.

Gases travel upwards in the outer space, and downwards in the interior, where the pyrolysis process occurs.

This stove is part of the WorldStove series.

Designs for the everything nice stove: http://worldstove.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/EverythingNice_Stove_Instructions.pdf.
Trials of the Everything Nice stove:
A sheet steel version:
Everything nice stove lighting:
Versions of the Everything Nice stove

2 Responses to “07d. The EverythingNice stove”

  1. Neil Ian Says:

    I have been testing different designs and designing my own wood gas stoves and the ENS by Nathaniel Mulcahy has a very clean burn when especially when an internal chimney (concept of Paul Anderson) is added. One of my objectives is to create a stove design that will not lead to dark cooking pots because of soot.
    A 5 inch x 6 inch inner can burns very clean with a lot of blue flames mixed with red orange tips using wood chips. The gas produced with the can full lasts for 20 to 23 minutes. Very nice char (about 20%) and does not produce much smoke when the gas burns out.

    This will help a lot of very poor people in the Philippines, especially that kerosene and LPG is so expensive now.

    Thanks to the designer, for giving the free instructions.

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