07f. Anderson’s TLUD

The TLUD (Top Lit Up Draft) gasifier was originally designed by Paal Wendelbo which he took to Africa in 1988. Since then, the design has been adapted and distributed around the world. A prototype of the design amended by Anderson has been produced and tested in Cambodia. A model was also adapted by ARTI in India.

It is a double chamber system, which is lit from the top, a chimney can be added and the air flows in via a tube at the bottom. More complex versions have a fan to force air into the system.

Feedstock is gasified meaning it burns with a smokeless flame. Waste biomass including wood shavings, corn stubble, coconut husks, reeds, sugar cane bagasse have been tested. Charcoal / biochar is produced which can be burned in the unit, or saved to be burned at a later date.

Prices for this stove vary, depending on the design and materials. The design by Anderson includes a ‘refugee’ and ‘artisan’ version to suit different target audiences.

TLUD produced by the Iron Workshop, Siem Reap, Feb 2010.

Design & plans:

A design booklet can be downloaded from bioenergy lists.

The stove in action:

27.04.2010 wood pieces test of TLUD

Construction images from the Iron workshop in Cambodia:

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