07e. The Sampada Stove

This is one of two models of gasifier stoves which ARTI have developed. One is a larger stove, the Agni, and the other Sampada. This is a smaller version, which is short enough that it allows the cook to sit cross legged to cook. Outer chamber is stainless steel, and inner is made of mild steel.

Because there is no facility to alter the flame strength, ARTI suggest that this should be used for boiling water, and then the charcoal used in the Sarai system.

For more information see the Samuhit website’s description of the Sampada.

Sampanda: demonstration 22.05.2010, India.

Wind conditions – low

Demonstration test 1: Large pieces of wood, 25cmx5cmx5cm stood upright in chamber (the height of the inner chamber). Soaked with petrol at the bottom end then lit (note this is not according to the guidelines, since this is a top lit stove). After 5 minutes, when the fire has established, the outer chamber and lid are put on. The flame died down so more petrol was added. Some bark and small pieces of wood were also added.
Total burn 28 minutes, strong flame, almost smokeless burn.

Demonstration test 2: according designers approximate guidelines for wood size, pieces 10cm 5cm x 5cm. 600g. Once lit, outer chamber and lid added after 5 minutes, and tea made….
Water volume: enough for tea, time to boil: 5 mins!
Once the flame stopped, the stove was emptied, and charcoal had been produced, so it was extinguished before the charcoal had burned.
Total burn 29 minutes.

According to the developers, to prolong the burn, add 400g initially, then add the remainder of the feedstock gradually.

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  1. magesh Says:

    am from Chennai, Please send the price of your sampada sotve

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