07. Stove designs

Stove designers have many attributes of stoves to take into consideration. Stoves may be designed to maximise a particular attribute for example heat, biochar production or burn time and will compromise on others.

– What can stove designers take into consideration?
– What qualities are users looking for in a stove?

Smoke reduction
Cleanliness / hygiene
Fuel reduction
Durability (spare parts availability and ease maintenance)
Time saving in total
Prestige / socio-cultural

Biochar production:
Biochar production quantity / quality
Farming methods and requirements
Market creation for biochar or other potential end use of biochar

Stove production considerations:
Consumer driven technology
Link with NGO’s
Level / appropriateness of technology
Production possible by local tinsmith
Production possible by mechanical wokshop.
Welding required
Mass-production applicable
Access to templates and plans
Flexibility in raw materials required

Cooking considerations:
Filling with fuel, and feeding during burn
Ash / biochar emptying
Burn time (time of flame for cooking)
Time suitable for simmering.
Time of burn unattended (for heating)
Ability to boil and keep hot large abounts (10L or more) of water
Speed of cooking (heat consistency)
Cooking cultures
Ease of ignition
Management of fire
Good taste of food
Can use a variety of feedstocks
Ability to vary flame / temperature


Robert T Bachmann presentation – Workshop: Biochar Malaysia. University of Kuala Lumpur. 25 March 2010.

Paal Wendelbo’s ideas for stove design: http://www.bioenergylists.org/content/criteria-selecting-g

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